Is dave batista dating dating someone genderqueer

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Is dave batista dating

I could see an overall lack of trust in that regard. The guys that fight their way up to the top of the ladder and fight their way to main event status can make a tremendous amount of money — 7-8 figures a year for many years if they perform well and are durable. There are levels, and WWE’s budget is akin to a salary cap. But, they don’t have anywhere else to go to make a comparable living, and as Austin and JR said the ones at the top are treated pretty well financially, and lack the collective incentive to band together on behalf of those beneath them on the ladder.

Batista, whose real name is Dave Bautista, admittedly grew up on the wrong side of the tracks – in his case, the worst part of Washington, D.I don’t know that any of them have the background or expertise to form a union. Returning to Bautista’s point, the rank and file are certainly expendable, and there are any number of able bodies in NXT and the rest of the world chomping at the bit to take their place.Then you start getting into the dues, and who among your peers is going to be in charge of things. Some of the guys from the 80’s weren’t prepared for the money they were gonna earn, and spent it like it was never gonna go away. There are about 10 or so stars that can WWE could afford to lose on a one-by-one basis, but would crumble if they all showed solidarity. Hinx chases 007 through the snowy mountains of Austria and they have a hellacious fight aboard a speeding train in the new 007 film (in theaters now for the Brits, Nov. One of their best encounters, though, is in Rome where Hinx races after Bond's Aston Martin DB10 in a super-fast Jaguar C-X75, as seen in the below clip."I drove it actually more than I was comfortable driving it for some of the shots.Seriously, man, for one I’m not much of a speed demon to begin with.

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