Andrej pejic dating erika linder

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Andrej pejic dating erika linder

Erika Linder is dating Tamra Natisin, I'm pretty sure.

Heather and Erika use to date each other, they never comment or post pics anymore, not the way she use to. And about Erika not being a "model" she doesn't refer herself as a model, it's just something she does. they live comments for one another on Instagramerika lives in sweden, she didnt walk in any FW so sometimes i think its a stretch to call her a model.

After the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Pejić's mother felt unsafe and decided to initiate the process of emigration to Australia.In 2000, the family moved to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as political refugees when Pejić was eight years old.Pejić was initially notable for modelling both masculine and feminine clothing.While attending high school at University High, Andrej was described as being 'academically brilliant.'According to Vangardist Magazine, Pejić was in a relationship with ADEEN designer Rembrandt Duran, who explicitly refers to Andrej as 'she', but they broke up.It is widely believed that Andrej had previously dated Swedish model and fellow androgynous personality, Erika Linder.

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I don’t really have that sort of strong gender identity—I identify as what I am.”Andrej Pejić (born 28 August 1991 in Tuzla, SR Bosnia-Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia) is an Australian androgynous model of Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Serb ethnicity.