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Jin akanishi dating lizzy

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Babe you better start acting in more dramas and movies, cause I miss you, but play roles in which you aren't going to die or suffer a terrible disease. That smile of yours could stop every girls heartbeat for a second. Marry EMI TAKEI : D hahaha Daisuki Haruma and Emi Konnichiwa Haruma-kun. And jeez, someone update the profile photo, please - it is really old and doesn't do him justice. ♡ (=゚ω゚)ノ You the best oppa hoho And if it is possible can you visit my country Philippines huehue mwah mwah tsup tsup! Ur the best I cant imagine im ur fan from this long time since 2005.! (Kudos to the director also.) You were funny in Samurai High School. Be it drama, comedy, action, you excelled them all. Haruma then put the Brash Brats on indefinite hiatus. ^_^ HARUMA daisuki : D I was stunned when I first saw you in KIMI NI TODOKE, i don't even know your name that time : D. For me that time you are just a boy who's good at acting. For me he just a boy with blonde hair & pretty face, nothing much to say. His aura that he gave to us is like a magnet, the way he speak, the way he look, he attract all of us sincerely ✌ you always be ma bae, HARUMA-SAN I am really impressed by Haruma - yes, he is really handsome and all that, but he is above all a very talented and versatile actor. Omg Haruma-san, Haruma oppa, my dear Haruma, my love from a star and you're my everything omg no but yes i am confused. Oh, stop doing those funny and cute facial expression cause damn it hits my heart and I cannot. I will continue to support you and I am slowly watching every of movies and dramas you appeared hahaha I saw in The Hours of my Life, and I have to say that I cried so much during that show that I watched it 3 times (with english sub titles), i ended up missing parts of the show. The best thing I like about you is when you smile or laugh your whole face just lights up, you have a great smile. XOXO :) I watched gokusen season 1 to 3 and hory shet that was my first time seeing you and admiring you a lot. Huruma I love your acting in the Last Cinderella, you and Shinohara Ryoko make me laugh so much, I have been watching the Last Cinderella 5 times already, and I can't get enough of you too. After watching Koizora (Sky of love) I've literally fallen for you.. It's impossible for me to purchase your DVDs (no credit card, huhuh! His career took off even further, appearing in the big screen version of Sky of Love and starring in the TBS drama Bloody Monday. I just realized you starred in Attack on Titan...sumimasen! But i was convince by myself so I did start searching you in google then I got interested in you. So far he's been a completely different character in everything I've watched him in and he's been really convincing every single time. Omg I watched you in Attack on titan this week and holy shit I WANNA SCREAM AND SQUEL AND SHIT BUT IF I DID THAT THOSE SEATING BESIDE ME, IN MY FRONT AND MY BACK will laugh or may say that I am weird but goodness oh goodness haruma omg like seeing you in such a WIDE BIG SCREEN MAKES ME WANTS TO TOUCH THE SCREEN GDI OMG LIKE SO HD AND BLU-RAY i am gonna cry tears of joy ♡ Thanks for making me smile and I am still currently slowly by slowly watching all your dramas and movies. I think I'm gonna die haha Hope you will visit Philippines like Take and always goodluck in your career and FIGHTING!!! And i'm really hope that he will success in everything he does. I didnt even know that I will get very addicted to you among all japanese actors around. I hope to be able to watch your future projects, I'm sure they'll be as awesome as the old ones! ), but I will grab them all once I have the chance. En iniya pon nilavae - Moodupani - ilayaraja / yesudas Louise en het kleine chineesje Toilet cleaner bomb Blackmail Mother's Prayer - For Tohru & Fruits Basket Iraq Vs Qatar 1-0 Matthew Vera Uxbridge USOT Benefit Dance - National Anthem ui Frank the Tank SPUNKY; Saber de ti Bombers Army Force ( new and recruting ) Looo lolololo looooo looo Jumperke Pet Shop Boys em Porto Alegre (Always On My Mind) Paloma S.Basilio & Juan Pardo-Bravo por la música Ryouri no Tetsukappa [mini moni] (Part 2 of 2) Feeding the Puffer Weeds: A Clip from Mary-Kate Olsen's First Episode Estación Leningradsky - Que vuelvan los comunistas Jokke Utdrikkningslag 3 Eller var det en drøm Kingdom Hearts - Cloud mage free fall Volei no Aterro College binge drinking K B's wedding kiss game 1/4 Redemptoris Mater campeón del Clericus Cup 2007 Look at me know pingpong i like eckerds Tasking - A Rurouni Kenshin AMV Grote Avond - Martine (praeses) Del Power X - Miracle Genki - some Clips chipmunk eating sumting Windows Vista logo animetion Poppin a Pimple gallium spoon melts in tea piu matehuala motoclub Cacique!

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