Romantic dating place in manila

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It comes with a complimentary glass of red, white, or sparkling wine and if you book early, you get freebies like a box of praline and more. The menu looks so good and not the usual set menu you’ll find around. They have detailed guidelines and everything is specially prepared for you.It’s educational too since you’ll be eating Indigenous food. You can choose from different locations within the restaurant.Don't spend more than: for the session and two bottles of Gatorade.Goes great with: A quick video of you both ascending (or rapidly descending) the wall, for the memories.I hate to admit, but yes, Vina and I have become those annoying couples that wear matching clothes. I got us matching button down shirts (Topman) and bags (Herschel) while Vina got us matching sneakers from Adidas. I live up north (Quezon City) while Vina lives down south (Cavite) so whenever we would see each other, we make sure to spend the whole day together. If you both love the outdoors, this would be a really fun date for the both of you.

Japanese: Suzu Kin Established way back in the eighties, Suzukin is one of the oldest, most iconic restaurants in San Antonio Village, Makati.

Why she'll like it: Bars around the country sponsor "yappy hours"—that's cheap drinks, dogs allowed.

Don't spend more than: — on drinks, on a designer dog biscuit.

Steaks: SALT Makati SALT is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, located at the outskirts of Makati CBD.

It's fairly new, so service and availability can be quite spotty.

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Valentine’s Day is coming and if you are always looking for ways to break your usual dates with your partner, then consider these fun, date ideas! All you have to do is put a little effort and get creative with it! There are tons of nice hotels in Manila now so you won’t find a hard time looking for one!